Posted by jason gomez on

the weather turns to shit, theres pumpkin flavored everything, you wish id stop tweeting about the seahawks and we release a tshirt. in this uncertain world you need a few things to cling to. were glad to be one of those things. actually were not really one of those things since we skipped last years release. but thats why he felt so compelled to make sure this years was the best yet. mission accomplished. for those of you out there who get what were referencing with this shirt consider yourselves lucky. youre getting a 2 for 1 deal, a cool graphic and cool guy "i know what it really means" cred. maybe that means you should buy 2, then its like 4 for 2!!!. however many you buy just make sure you do it quick, like all of our halloween tees these are extremely limited. head over to the FC online shop to make your (non sexual) dreams come true. 

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